Woman use of mobile phone with Technyl® Force mobile game

The Technyl® Force expands its digital presence on social networks

The Technyl® Force has long been active on the web and social media, notably via the technyl.com website, Twitter, WeChat, and our fun & free mobile game. We are now expanding support for the Technyl® offering by also focusing on our Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Weibo communities.

Culture & arts trainings

Well-being at work: culture & arts trainings on site

Solvay Performance Polyamides site in Onsan (Korea) organized a couple of culture & arts trainings such as music composition, calligraphy and barista so that employees can experience new leisure activities on site.

Technyl REDx

“Smart Molecule” heat performance technology Technyl® REDx

Technyl® REDx material, which integrates a unique "smart molecules" self-reinforcement technology, outperforms conventional specialty polymers used in thermal management systems, especially in the automotive industry, to overcome engine downsizing constraints.