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Technyl® ranges help meet growing demand for downsized engines that continue to offer lightweighting performance and power output. To overcome engine downsizing constraints such as greatly increased temperatures and pressures, Technyl® RED solutions have been developed to resist the higher continuous heat stress of new generation engines. 

Today, more than 15 million engines are already using Technyl® heat performance technologies. The Technyl® RED new generation of products help OEMs to outperform their thermal management systems.

Technyl® REDx, The ‘smart molecule’ technology designed for long-term heat exposure

Technyl® REDx, is a new polyamide 6.6 integrating a unique “smart molecule” technology specially designed for injected parts exposed to continuous heat stress. This technology self-activates from the first hours of services, boosting material performances far beyond their initial properties.

This innovative material, which builds on Solvay Engineering Plastics’ proven heat performance expertise, outperforms conventional specialty polymers in demanding thermal management systems, especially in the automotive industry. 

Make heat your best ally!

The secret behind Technyl® REDx ‘smart molecule’ technology, is a cross-linking agent present in the polymer chain without affecting its structure. This brand new and patented innovation remains inactive during injection molding, leaving the material behaving like a high flow PA6.6. Elevated temperatures make the cross-linking agent self-reinforce and boost material performances.

Thanks to its high flowability and low viscosity, Technyl® REDx can be processed at energy-saving mold temperatures below 100°C, allowing simple and cost efficient manufacturing and design freedom due to filling performances. Ageing tests over 3,000 hours at 220°C demonstrate very high retention property as well as tensile property gain of more than 50%, without degradation of elongation at break.

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High heat stress pushes Technyl® REDx mechanical strength beyond initial performance.

By providing long-term thermal stability, superior processability and excellent surface aspect, Technyl® REDx opens up completely new possibilities for high-heat applications with lower material and manufacturing costs. Intrinsically heat-friendly, Technyl® REDx eliminates the need for heat shields that may be required when using conventional materials.

Technyl® RED, the best solution for parts operating at high temperature

Technyl REDx Applications