Fire Protection

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Fire Retardant Polymers by Technyl

Flame retardant Technyl® solutions

The use of polyamide in electrical equipment and consumer goods has increased consistently, driven by strong demand and compelling metal substitution properties. At the same time, industry regulations continue to grow tighter with respect to safety and fire hazards, and the need for fire and flame resistant polymer materials today is greater than ever.

With its Technyl® line, Domo Engineered Materials has developed a complete range of non-halogenated flame retardant polymer solutions for applications ranging from electrical protection devices, lighting, and renewable energies, to electronic consumer goods, household appliances and more. 

Main Technyl® fire protection benefits

  • Halogen-free flame retardant solutions with high aesthetic qualities
  • Enables product miniaturization with superior flame resistance performance
  • High fluidity even at low temperature to further reduce cycle time and machine wear

With  unparalleled electrical performance, molding options, and mechanical strength, Technyl® halogen-free polyamides have demonstrated their value in numerous product designs. Technyl® combines functional efficiency with aesthetic qualities, integrating Domo’s technical expertise and local presence worldwide with an innovative approach to development, production, and testing.

Key features 

  • Halogen-free polyamide grades
  • UL94 V0 rating at a wall thickness of only 0.4 mm
  • Unmatched thermal ageing properties (150°C electrical RTI)
  • High comparative tracking index (CTI 0 for 600 volts and higher)
  • UL and IEC certified
  • In-house UL testing and certification services
  • Specific color tailoring


Meeting high safety standards

Technyl® satisfies the strictest regulations driving the electrical equipment market, notably UL and IEC certification, Fire and Fume certification, and requirements such as UL 5VA and f1 rating for photovoltaic applications.

High performance with an eye on safety

Technyl® materials combine optimum mechanical and electrical usage properties with superior flowability so manufacturers can create smaller and more complex parts, while respecting safety concerns.


Protecting your production equipment

Technyl® halogen-free polyamides are less corrosive than traditional fire-resistant materials, further helping to increase production equipment lifetimes. 


Respect the environment

Technyl® products comply with both directives regulating environmental waste management for the appliance market in Europe: RoHS1 2002/95/CE and WEEE2 2002/96/CE.
Domo performs detailed life cycle analysis with clients to evaluate and optimize their products’ environmental impact.