Thermal Management

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High Temperature Resistant Polymers by Technyl

Thermal Management

Polyamide materials that resist heat.
Heat is a critical factor in many plastics applications, notably for automotive parts used in engine systems. Materials must resist high temperatures robustly in order to avoid causing damage and to guarantee people’s safety.

Domo Engineered Materials is a leading provider of polyamide-based thermal management solutions for the automotive industry. With its complete range of Technyl® grades, Domo offers easy processing and compatibility with numerous production techniques, while giving manufacturers the benefit of trusted heat performance materials.


Main Technyl® thermal management benefits

  • Flexible solutions for heat resistant parts in automotive and industrial applications
  • Mechanical functionality and chemical composition adapted for cooling system designs
  • Attractive cost/performance ratio compared to metals and alternative plastics

Helping to lighten the load

Technyl® thermal management solutions enable manufacturers to optimize parts design and function integration, while reducing weight significantly. Domo supports your specific requirements with a full range of Technyl® materials and solutions to improve time-to-market with energy efficient, increasingly compact, and modular designs.

Key features

  • Supports injection, welding, blow-molding, and over-molding
  • Glycol hydrolysis and hot air resistant materials
  • Long-term stability at high temperatures
  • Extensive product portfolio referenced by global and regional OEMs
  • Reinforced grades
  • Complete support and testing capabilities


Domo, a leader in automotive solutions for thermal management.

Domo Engineered Materials offers a complete range of hydrolysis-resistant Technyl® grades for the most demanding equipment.



High-performance materials for robust applications

Technyl® thermal management solutions offer unparalleled robustness in terms of heat performance and light weight, supporting temperatures up to 210°C.