Metal Replacement

by Logo Technyl
Metal Polymer Replacement by Technyl®

Lightening the load

As a manufacturer, it is essential to choose the right materials for products. Endurance and resistance are key, but heavy parts and expensive tooling should be a thing of the past.

Technyl® materials from Domo Engineered Materials offer a compelling alternative to metal for many applications in automotive, household, and industrial sectors. With unparalleled design potential, Technyl® enables manufacturers to create high-performance parts with the tight tolerances they need.

Main benefits of using Technyl® to replace metal

  • Light weight polyamide materials as strong or stronger than metal
  • Potential for complex designs with lower tooling and production costs
  • Simulation tools to optimize development, testing, and time-to-market

Transform your ideas

Today, metal compounds can be replaced by lightweight and flexible solutions that help you compete in your markets effectively. Using Technyl® as a substitute for metal lets all your ideas take shape. From design to delivery, you will benefit from streamlined processes and lower costs, while offering your OEM and end-user customers the quality they expect.

Key features

  • Durable polyamide materials with reinforced grades
  • Lighter weight than metal
  • Lower tooling and manufacturing costs
  • Supports complex design geometries
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Longer tool life
  • Advanced technical simulation tools


Reducing end-product weight

With exceptional mechanical rigidity, Technyl® materials replace metal and reduce end-product weight. Offering a wide range of grades, Domo helps designing the optimal material for your application, with reinforcing fibers adapted to meet your specific needs. 

Making processing easier

Low viscosity Technyl® grades provide plastics solutions for creating complex shapes, producing parts with an excellent surface aspect without post-processing. Transformation technologies include injection molding, blow-molding, and laser sintering using Sinterline® Technyl® Powders.

Optimizing functional integration

Using Technyl® to replace metal enables manufacturers to reduce the number of tools and components required for production. Complex shapes can be produced in one-shot operations, with fewer parts, thus optimizing assembly operations and helping improve overall quality.

Lower costs at every step

Technyl® metal replacement solutions streamline the entire product cycle. Not only do plastics transformation tools cost less and last longer than their industrial metal counterparts, but equipment investment lower and designs using Technyl®can be optimized to require fewer raw materials.

Develop sustainability

Domo Engineering Plastics continues to demonstrate its commitment to a sustainable approach by designing solutions that enable customers to consume less energy for production, while continuing to increase the use of recycled products in raw materials.