16 Oct 2017 / Event

CPRJ Conference: Discover the Materials for Future Appliance/3C Electronics

If you look back on the kitchen appliances and the white goods we used in our homes ten years ago, you would be surprised to find the products we are using today have become much safer, smarter and more fashionable. As a matter of fact, the pursuit of the best material solutions has been the major force behind the evolution of home appliance industry. 
The CPRJ Plastics in Appliance/3C Electronics Conference held by Adsale Group concluded end of September in Shunde, Guangdong (China). More than 450 professionals from home appliances, 3C electronics and other relevant industries participated in this event which was focused on smart materials and manufacturing, to share their views on the new materials, technologies and development trends of future home appliances and 3C electronics.
As a global leader in the polyamide business, Technyl® has been developing, manufacturing and offering a wide range of high performance nylon materials to electronics & electrical appliances and consumer goods industries for decades. During the technical forum, Ms Sheng Lihong, new business development manager of Solvay Performance Polyamides for consumer and electronic & electrical products demonstrated to the attendees our halogen-free flame retardant solution, metal replacement ranges, premium recycled materials for eco-designed applications and PA6 powder for 3D printing. 
Ms Sheng Lihong said: “With the increasing consumer demand, many of our customers in consumer electronics industries in China not only have to comply with strict flame retardant regulations required for export, but also need to develop more compact products with better appearance. Our innovative Technyl® products prove an ideal solution for such challenge. In the meantime, by applying our innovative technologies we are committed to helping our customers reduce ecological impact.” 
Nowadays, polyamides are widely applied in almost every household, from door hinge of laundry machine to brewing component of capsule coffee machine. Polyamides are ideal materials for many home appliances due to its excellent mechanical performance and chemical and thermal resistance which lead to maximized safety. Technyl® has been working with industrial leaders to develop more innovative products to expand the Technyl® product line, so we can provide better solutions to home appliances and 3C electronics markets and satisfy the needs of a wider customer base.