19 Jan 2021

DOMO to exclusively produce and commercialize TECHNYL® globally from early 2022

  • TECHNYL ® exclusively developed and sold by DOMO in the EEA and Switzerland and, from February 2022, in all other global regions
  • New DOMO integrated product finder point of reference for TECHNYL® DOMAMID® and ECONAMID® products, helping customers to select the best materials and support innovation
  • TECHNYL 4earth an environmental breakthrough for recycled polyamide

Leuna, January 19, 2021 – Following its acquisition of Solvay’s Performance Polyamides Business in Europe in 2020, including the market reference product TECHNYL®, DOMO Chemicals is now the leading supplier in the European polyamide arena with the upstream integration of PA6 and PA66.

In addition, from February 2022 DOMO will exclusively produce and commercialize TECHNYL® globally, providing the worldwide market with the brand’s almost 70 years of experience. Since 1953, TECHNYL® has offered the full range of polyamide 66/ polyamide 6 based solutions, widely used in diversified applications.

These include high thermal and chemical resistance materials, light engineering solutions to replace metal, aluminum and thermoset, flame retardant materials for advanced electrical protection, high aesthetic materials and colored compounds, and TECHNYL® ORANGE, a flame retardant product range for high-voltage components and cabling, specifically developed for the e-mobility market segment.

Customers are fully supported with HUB by TECHNYL®, a unique platform that offers a complete portfolio of ‘A la Carte’ services – from material selection to part testing, helping to support innovation and accelerate time-to-market. Highly flexible, it offers application design, prototyping and predictive simulation and is ready to co-develop customized solutions to transform innovation into business success.

Further, as sustainability becomes embedded in our daily lives, Domo’s TECHNYL® 4EARTH® high performance grades are proving to be game-changers. They are providing breakthrough performance compared to traditional polyamides, meeting the most demanding technical requirements and broadening the scope of target applications.

TECHNYL® 4EARTH® significantly reduces the environmental impact of polyamide parts to a level that has never been reached before. Cradle-to-gate assessment shows the carbon footprint reduced by a quarter; the consumption of non-renewable resources halved and a more than two-thirds reduction in water use compared to traditional compounds.

“We deeply believe in the future of the TECHNYL® brand and we will expand its value and availability for our customers globally from February 2022,” says Ludovic Tonnerre, Vice President, DOMO Engineered Materials.

To enhance customer support, DOMO will soon launch a market leading central product platform providing a single point of truth on material information for TECHNYL®, DOMAMID®, ECONAMID® and THERMEC™ products. The new platform will help customers to select the best materials, supporting innovation and accelerating time to market.

“From February 2022 all our technopolymers will be integrated worldwide under the historic TECHNYL® brand name as soon as the non-compete agreement with BASF has expired. This will help us to keep growing with our global customers, focused on the automotive, E&E and industrial and consumer goods market segments,” Ludovic Tonnerre added.

*: TECHNYL® is a trademark of DOMO. TECHNYL® portfolio is exclusively developed and sold by DOMO in the EEA, Switzerland and, from February 2022,  also in all other global regions.