20 Oct 2017 / 3D Printing

Dream Big in 3 Dimensions: Technyl® showcased Sinterline® Powders at 3D printing Conference in Shanghai

From prototypes to production tools, to low-volume manufacturing, additive manufacturing has a wide range of benefits when used to its full potential. However, a successfully printed part is always the combined result of technology, material and design process.

A recent industry conference organized by Materialise, a 3D printing solution provider, has brought the material experts, designers and engineers all together in Wisdom Bay Park, Shanghai, to explore the extraordinary potential that 3D printing offers.

As the pioneering leader in material science, Technyl® presented its Sinterline® Powders, the first polyamide 6 powder range for selective laser sintering (SLS) in the the conference.

Technyl® Sinterline® offers properties similar to serial compound material to achieve performance nearly at injection levels. Reinforced Sinterline® grades enable functional parts to be created rapidly, integrating more robust mechanical and thermal properties than other available options. This reduces the need for pre-production tooling and helps bring new parts to market faster.  

Hill Gu, Asia Auto Head  from Solvay Performance Polyamides, shared the successful cases about how 3D-printed parts using Sinterline® Technyl® Powders help leading auto manufacturers gain time in the highly-competitive race.

“Our technical development and service centers worldwide are committed to supporting our customers to access high quality parts to evaluate and test their designs without the costly and time-consuming process of injection molding.” said Hill Gu.

More and more industries are requiring an unconventional touch to become more efficient and cost-effective in terms of design and manufacturing. Thanks to the high mechanical & thermal performance,  Technyl® Sinterline® Powder is ideal for many applications beyond the automotive industry, such as appliance, constructions and electronics, etc.