23 Apr 2019 / E-mobility

E-Safety Matters

As the e-mobility revolution picks up pace, one of the major challenges for electric (EV) for FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) & BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) is safety. All of these zero or low-emissions technologies share a common and growing need for improved electrical and electronic component performance.

Safety is of the utmost priority for e-mobility technology,” says Nancy Zilli, e-Mobility Specialist for Solvay Performance Polyamides. “A part failure can lead to a short circuit, sensor or systems breakdown in an EV, which could cause a dangerous situation for the vehicle and occupants. A fault in something as basic a temperature sensor in a battery could have serious consequences.”

Strict regulations

Government authorities are seeking to ensure a regulatory framework for EVs that puts consumer safety as a key priority. The use of high-quality, high-purity materials in an EV environment is required to avoid corrosion and meet necessary parts performance and safety levels.

Solvay Performance Polyamides is supporting its customers, including the major automotive manufacturers (OEMs) and tier 1 suppliers, to meet these strict safety and performance requirements and avoid corrosion. The enhanced Technyl® portfolio of polyamides (PA), includes high-purity and specialty grades to meet the challenging requirements for automotive electrical and fuel cell systems. These include flame retardant (FR) solutions and electro-friendly products in both pure and high-purity grades, as well as the innovative ion-free PA66 grade under development for fuel cell applications.

Safety orange

As we continue to innovate our portfolio for e-driven vehicle applications, we have developed a range of highly stable Technyl® orange colored grades. They are ideal for components designed to handle high voltage, such as connectors, circuit breakers and insulators,” says Nancy ZILLI.

Solvay’s e-mobility offering features the outstanding performance of Technyl® solutions in the areas of metal replacement, halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR) materials, thermal management solutions and chemical resistance materials.

Zilli adds: “Our motto is that we provide safety solutions to support OEMs and, as the promise of e-mobility begins to deliver, our customers recognize and appreciate this more than ever.”

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