Fluid Barrier

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Technyl® solutions for fluid parts in systems

Today’s fluid barrier applications require product materials that hold up under severe conditions. Exposure to harsh liquids, high pressure, and broad temperature ranges represents a tough, yet mission-critical challenge for both human safety and product performance.

Technyl® polyamide solutions from Solvay Engineering Plastics offer the chemical, vapor, and temperature resistance properties that manufacturers need for automotive and industrial applications. Particularly well-adapted for parts and systems involving fuel handling, pneumatics/hydraulics, cooling, and other containment requirements, Technyl® offers a flexible and cost-effective alternative to standard and long-chain polyamides.

Main Technyl® fluid barrier benefits

  • Excellent chemical, temperature and UV resistance for a strong fluid barrier
  • Bio-sourced materials for injection and extrusion applications
  • High metal bonding capacity as a coating material

Keeping fluids where they belong

With extrusion and injection grades, Technyl® fluid barrier solutions cover your needs from pipes and tubes to salt-resistant automotive parts. Technyl® offers excellent metal bonding capacity, such as for coating aluminum to replace expensive copper tubing in cooling appliances and systems. 

Key features

  • Higher performance alternative to PA12
  • Low humidity absorption
  • Chemical resistance to road salts and water vapor
  • Corrosion protection
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Several grades available, including glass-reinforcement, impact modified, and heat stabilized


  • High chemical resistance

Technyl offers the chemical resistance needed to seal batteries, increasing working life while preventing any electrolyte leakage or fire outbreak.


  • Longer durability
Unique mechanical properties at various temperatures and low permeability make Technyl® grades the materials of choice for applications where long service life is a vital factor.


  • Holding up under pressure
In addition to strong mechanical performance and class-leading chemical resistance, Technyl® is ideal for applications where high pressure resistance is a key functional requirement.


  • Fuel barrier
Technyl®’s excellent resistance to hydrocarbons, salt, and high temperatures makes Technyl® ideal solution for fuel barrier applications.