Discover our Technyl® solutions

Technyl® from Solvay Engineering Plastics, the global specialist in polyamide solutions, celebrated in 2013 its 60th year as a material of choice for major industry players. Since 1953, Technyl® high performance technology has enabled value-added innovations in such diverse markets as automotive and transportation, construction and energy, consumer goods and industrial equipment. 

Today, the Technyl® family is stronger than ever with four new differentiating product and service offers - the Technyl® Force - for which Solvay Engineering Plastics has leading expertise:

Let the TECHNYL® Force power your products! 
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Metal Replacement

Optimize your part design while achieving significant weight reduction
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Fire Protection

Meet the most stringent standards for maximum safety performance

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Thermal Management 

Maintain system components at optimal operating temperatures
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Fluid Barrier 

Ensure excellent chemical resistance in highly demanding environments