04 Sep 2017 / Event

Faurecia Tech Day: How can engineering plastics help drive the sustainable growth of auto industry?

The material experts from Technyl® Force had recently in-depth discussion with more than 50 engineers at Faurecia  China. The Technyl®  Force presented  its latest solutions for thermal management, lightweight, electrification around one theme: sustainable growth.

China’s automakers join the global players in embracing the lightweighting  solutions in response to the government’s intensified efforts of reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

That’s why the new Technyl® thermal management  solutions for exhaust system and downsizing engines has become a hot topic in the discussion in the Techday in Shanghai.

Technyl® Red, is a range of new polyamides designed for injected parts exposed to continuous heat stress from 180 up to 220°C. For example, the charge air cooler component – shown during the Techday – can well  resist the high temperatures and pressures that are greatly increased because of smaller engine.

Meanwhile, the Technyl® and Technyl® Star  portfolios can help car makers develop robust but lightweight structural parts, such as engine mounts and seat structures. With the accurate predictive simulation of MMI Technyl® Design service,  teams help the part makers to reduce car weight from the very beginning of design process.

It was a fantastic Techday, full of interactions with Faurecia team,” said Didier Chomier, Global Automotive Marketing Manager at Solvay. “Local application developments in collaboration with regional OEMs make a lot of sense for our two groups.” 

Technyl® doesn’t only offer green solutions but also makes material in a green way.

Technyl® 4earth, a product offering excellent thermal and mechanical properties, is made from recycling of industrial textile waste. 
 “This kind of event is key for us to develop a customer intimacy,” commented Hill Gu, Global Marketing Manager in charge of Metal Replacement expertise. “The more we listen our partners, the more we can understand their needs. That is how we are able to bring them solutions that fit with their challenges.
The Technyl® teams regularly meet OEMs and Tiers all around the world to drive innovative and sustainable developments of automotive manufacturing industry.