17 Oct 2019 / K2019 - E-mobility

Fifty shades of Technyl® Orange for safety challenges in electric vehicles

  • New Technyl® range resistant to fire and high voltage
  • Customizable and perfectly stabilized orange pigments
  • Fast cycle time, suitable for laser marking

Lyon, France, Oct. 16, 2019 – Solvay introduces Technyl® Orange, a brand-new range of fire-resistant products for high-voltage automotive components and cabling in electric vehicles. The new palette of orange pigmented Technyl® grades offers reliable color retention, laser-marking, flame-retardancy (FR), high heat and fatigue resistance.

In powertrain electrification systems, any live parts carrying more than 30 V AC or 60 V DC are a potential electric shock hazard. These parts must be instantly recognisable to alert production line employees, after-sales personnel and car owners,” says Hubert Ruck, Global Director New Mobility for Solvay. “We anticipated this safety trend and have developed a range of Technyl® Orange grades in standard RAL shades targeting applications such as cables, connectors, charge plugs and sockets, converter housings, sensors and insulators.

Materials available in RAL 2003 for vehicles in Europe and RAL 2008/2011 for exports to North America include various halogen-free grades of Technyl® One and Technyl Star® based technologies, with UL941 V0 flammability ratings at wall thickness as low as 0.4 mm. This performance increases the potential for miniaturization of electrical and connection components in EVs and HEVs without compromising safety. All grades feature excellent color stability, low mold deposit and a comparative tracking index (CTI) of 600 volts or greater.

This offering is backed by the Technyl® Force extensive experience in electrical and electronic markets. Unveiled at K 2019, HUB by Technyl® is a unique platform -which notably includes its own UL2 certified laboratory – that connects upgraded services to provide customer innovation with enhanced capabilities and synergies for eco-design agility and cost optimization.

® Technyl, Technyl Star, Technyl One and HUB by Technyl are registered trademarks of Solvay
1 UL94 test assesses the flame retardancy of a material (V0 = highest certification)
2 Underwriters Laboratories (a US independent safety consulting and certification company)


High-voltage connectors made with Technyl® Orange.
(Photo: Solvay)