17 Jun 2020 / Flow management

Flow management: go with the network flow

In this technology-driven era, objects, systems, workflows and solutions are increasingly interconnected. By integrating data with artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT), arrays of electronics, electric circuits and grids, energy and water management systems, and more, are creating new network effects for society. As a result, today’s cars, homes, businesses and industry, and entire communities, are becoming more functional and efficient.


The optimal management of these flows is essential for smarter urban transport and traffic networks, improved water supply and waste management services, and more effective power and heating grids. Electrical systems require flame retardant materials for

high-voltage components and other power control equipment. Similarly, systems and sensors to manage heat, energy and fluids are critical to the performance of automotive engines. And, the complex mesh of electronic and thermal management systems in electric vehicles rely on fail-safe connections that present a number of challenging demands when it comes to materials performance.

Urban trends
As cities become ‘smarter’, the flows of interconnected networks that collect data for the benefit of citizens require reliable sensors, parts and components made from innovative materials for safe electric flow. Advanced-engineered Technyl® materials are ideal for use in an array of components along the entire electric-flow chain, from power generation (such as photovoltaic junction boxes), to power distribution (such as circuit breakers) and end use applications (such as electrical units and electric vehicles), home appliances and smart devices. Not only do Technyl® materials provide improved performance with flame retardance and high fluidity, they also facilitate miniaturization of parts and components, as well.

Our Technyl® portfolio of polyamide materials is also ideally suited for a wide range of renewable energy applications and photovoltaic technologies, demand for which is booming. These include custom-developed grades of Technyl® One and Technyl Star® halogen-free flame retardant grades used for fire protection in an array of components for photovoltaic applications, including junction boxes, diode holders and module mounts.

At the same time, as cities and industry embrace the circular economy and the benefits of recycling and re-use of materials, demand for recycled plastics for commercial applications is rising. Our Move4Earth project, supported by the European Commission Life+ program, takes scrap from airbag waste and transforms it into high quality recycled polyamide PA66 for applications in the automotive sector, for example.


Water works
Just as sustainable water management is vital to meeting growing demand for H2O in cities and industry, so is advanced water flow technology essential to many of our everyday needs, such as heating systems and kitchen appliances. Heating and cooling systems require parts and materials resistant to hydrolysis and corrosion, which is why the market for Technyl® PA-based metal replacement components is increasing. Technyl® advanced-engineered materials are ideal for use in an array of parts and components essential to the daily water-flow chain at home and in industry.


Transportation flows
Urban mobility combined with the explosive growth in e-commerce call for transportation flow solutions that combine seamless mobility and smart technologies to overcome congestion, pollution and carbon emissions. New, integrated mobility concepts, including shared mobility, self-driving autonomous vehicles (AVs) and the switch to electric vehicles (EVs), will all play an important role in the urban mobility transformation.

The automotive industry is responding with a massive thrust into low-emission drivetrain technologies, including hybrid, pure electric and hydrogen vehicles. At the same time, vehicle makers continue to push the boundaries of traditional powertrain technology to meet ever stricter standards, by down-sizing engines and raising efficiencies with improved electronic systems. DOMO is partnering with vehicle manufacturers in the new mobility space through our brand new Technyl® ORANGE offering for e-mobility, as well Technyl® Blue for EV cooling systems.


The network effect
As we enter a new age of AI, IoT and networked flows of systems, the optimal management of these flows will be key to the success of our smart cities, innovative mobility concepts, and renewable energy applications. This will require highly-reliable components, sensors, fluid and thermal management systems made from robust, state-of-the-art materials.

Discover how the Technyl® line of high-performance engineering polyamide materials helps ensure a network effect in your sector, whether it’s automotive, electrical and electronics, construction or consumer goods.