14 Sep 2021

German market leader Wieland Electric switches to DOMAMID® 6LVGT85 for installation connectors

Domo Chemicals, a leading integrated supplier and provider of PA6 and PA66 material solutions to the plastics processing industry, is driving materials development to meet evolving market needs and supports customers in selecting the best base materials for specific applications.

Recently, German company Wieland Electric selected DOMAMID® 6LVGT85 for its 3-pole GST18i3 and 5-pole GST18i5 installation connectors. These make up part of the gesis® pluggable electrical installation system for buildings, a flexible, future-oriented and economic product range that meets all the requirements of modern energy distribution.

Certified to comply with the product specifications for these installation connectors, DOMAMID® 6LVGT85 is a low viscosity grade for injection moulding, certified to a flame retardancy of V2 at 0.75mm according to Underwriter Laboratories’ Yellow card, matching the PA66 previously used for the top and bottom parts of the connectors’ housing shells. The property profile with good flow and demoulding characteristics as well as good particles crystallization enables an optimized production process.

“DOMO is a long-term partner for our company, and their flexible service and fast response times were crucial in finalizing the project to deadline. After a short sampling phase we selected DOMAMID® 6LVGT85, a solution that met all our mechanical and flammability specifications,” explained Matthias Gewecke, Strategic Buyer at Wieland Electric.

In the electrical and electronics industry E&E, tests are performed on materials to compare their ignition resistance, self-extinguishing flame retardancy and resistance to flame propagation or formation of burning drops. Glow wire testing is one of the most relevant indirect flame methods where a non-flaming heat source is applied to the material sample. Specifically, the glow wire test is used to simulate heating effects that may arise in malfunctioning electrical equipment caused by an overloaded connection or component that is overheating. DOMAMID® 6LVGT85 has a glow wire resistance of 850°C on both test specimens and moulded parts, which was the specific value requested in the customer’s specification of the material.

“Since acquiring the TECHNYL® brand in February 2020, DOMO has been offering both PA6 and PA66 materials. Our philosophy is to provide customers with the best solutions for their applications and support them in gaining a competitive advantage in their field. In this case the PA66 substitution has provided multiple benefits, such as good flow and fast crystallization, which have also resulted in better processability and cycle time reduction – not an easy achievement for a flame retardant solution with a glow wire resistance of 850°C at a wall thickness down to 0.8mm,” said Andrea Rizzo, Sales Manager at DOMO Engineered Materials..


* TECHNYL® is a trademark of DOMO. TECHNYL® portfolio is exclusively developed and sold by DOMO in the EEA, Switzerland and, from February 2022, also in all other global regions.

Connectors GST18i3 (3-pole) & GST18i5 (5-pole). 

(Photo courtesy Wieland Electric GmbH) 


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