20 Jun 2017

Have you tried Technyl® for your plumbing applications? If not, you should!

All of the Technyl® PA6.6 and Technyl® eXten PA6.10 materials within our plumbing portfolio are fully approved for drinking water contact by the leading certification authorities in United Sates, United Kingdom, France and Germany.

This comprehensive compliance uniquely positions Solvay to globally support customers seeking specific local regulatory clearances for plumbing parts in contact with potable water. Typical end products in this market include pumps, water meters, manifolds, fittings and valves as well as boilers, filters and other plumbing components. In addition,  all materials in our plumbing portfolio are FDA approved and meet European Regulation (EU) 10/2011 as amended for materials intended to come into contact with food.  These food contact approvals open these materials up to a broader range of applications including kitchen appliances and packaging.