15 Apr 2020 / sinterline

HUB by Sinterline: Enabling innovation through functional prototypes

Technyl®, a leading brand in polyamide 6 and 66 (PA6 and PA66) engineered solutions, pioneered few years ago 3D printing with Sinterline® PA6 powders for selective laser sintering (SLS). The use of Sinterline® materials is constantly increasing for functional prototyping applications, thanks to the high levels of mechanical performance they deliver. Used in conjunction with HUB by Sinterline®, the advanced services offering for 3D printed parts, customers can have a functional prototype within a few short days. This integrated suite gives customers a big head start in product innovation in fast-changing markets through predictive simulation, parts testing, and performance validation.

Thanks to HUB, we’re using Sinterline more and more to support Technyl business in the development phase,” says Elodie​ Seignobos, Sinterline & Simulation Manager. “Customers and prospects are coming to recognize the advantages available by harnessing HUB by Sinterline®. We designed this suite of interconnected services to help OEMs in material selection and parts testing to achieve superior performance capabilities and stay ahead of the market in dynamic sectors like automotive, consumer electronics, heating and cooling and others.”

Through simulation using MMI Technyl® Design, the Technyl team can confirm the technical feasibility of the application with a high degree of predictability and limited cost compared to the expense of actual testing through a trial and error process. Elodie sees HUB’s suite of capabilities as a way to create customer intimacy and confidence. “Typically, we are in a co-development mindset, working with the customer to optimize the design and material.

As a pioneer in PA6 SLS powders, the first Sinterline powders came to market in 2015. At that time, however, functional prototyping was not very mature and the focus was mainly on powder development. There was relatively little interaction between the lab developing the powder and the injection business and how it could better support injection.

Things have evolved and matured over the years, according Elodie, from both the customer’s standpoint and in terms of integrating Sinterline in the HUB. As more customers are looking to employ prototypes to check functionality, the Technyl team is working closely with customers to enable tailored functional testing, with APT® application performance testing.

Customer collaboration

Our mission is to work inside the HUB, test parts in the testing lab and do simulation with the MMI service,” she says. “This allows us to strengthen the functional prototyping proposition for our customers by pushing the performance of 3D printed parts to a new level.” There have been a number of cases where the customer did not request a prototype, but the Technyl team suggested the use of one to check that everything was well-assembled and performing optimally.

Today, we are working in close collaboration internally and with our customers,” she says. The Technyl Force organization, with marketing and research & technology working hand in hand, is a very efficient way to align teams in the same strategic direction and to foster innovation.

Find out how HUB by Sinterline® can help you enhance product differentiation, accelerate time to market and improve development cost efficiency.