10 May 2019 / Water flow

Keeping water clean, safe and flowing

Water is essential to life and well-being. It is abundant, covering two-thirds of the Earth’s surface. It is also naturally recycled through the hydrologic cycle of condensation, precipitation and flow back to the sea. Yet, as population and prosperity levels continue to increase, stress on water systems is becoming a more urgent problem, already affecting one in four cities worldwide. This is exacerbated by climate change, which accelerates hydrologic cycles, making wet places wetter and dry places drier.

Sustainable flows

Just as sustainable water management is vital to meeting growing demand for H2O, so is advanced water flow technology essential to many of our everyday needs, such as heating systems and kitchen appliances. Heating supply systems require parts and materials resistant to hydrolysis (the separation of water molecules into the constituent hydrogen and oxygen atoms with electricity) and corrosion, which is why demand for PA-based metal replacement components is growing.

Everyday products that come into contact with food and water, such as coffee machines, blenders and water purifiers, require materials that meet demanding health and safety standards, while performing water flow functions effectively and efficiently. Your morning coffee depends on heat-resistant valves, filters and fittings that meet the strictest of FDA and other food contact regulations.

Certified safe

Technyl® advanced-engineered materials are ideal for use in an array of parts and components essential to the daily water-flow chain at home and in industry. Technyl® advanced polyamides provide high hydrolysis and corrosion resistance along with dimensional stability in heating supply systems, in a cost-effective manner. For the demanding rigors of food and drinking water contact applications, Technyl® PA 6.6 and 6.10 grades provide cost-effective metal replacement performance, with Technyl® eXten featuring the added benefit of being a 62% bio-sourced polyamide.

And, importantly, the entire range of Technyl® PA6.6 and Technyl® eXten PA6.10 materials for plumbing applications are certified for full drinking water contact by authorities in the US, UK, the European Union and China. Solvay is one of the few material suppliers worldwide to offer full European, American and Chinese certification. This comprehensive compliance uniquely positions Solvay to globally support customers seeking specific local regulatory clearances for plumbing parts in contact with potable water.

Technyl solutions

PA-based Technyl® products eliminate the risk of galvanic corrosion associated with metals, reduce cost and facilitate compliance with tighter regulations for drinking water. Find out more about high-performance Technyl solutions for advanced water flow management here.