30 Apr 2018 / Event

Lights Out at Chinaplas 2018, Technyl® keeps going on

Do you still remember Technyl® super heroes amongst the excitement of Chinaplas 2018, a Carnival of rubbers & plastics industries?  The trade fair was done; now let us recall the highlights of Technyl®!
There were the four Technyl® Force superheroes that everyone met at the Solvay booth: Optimus Light,  Ray Sparks, Max Mercury and Jane Esis,  who are respectively embodying our four expertises: “metal replacement” ; “flame retardancy” ; “thermal management” ; and “fluid barrier”. The boundless confidence and warm, friendly smiles of these 3D printed superheroes (by Technyl® Sinterline® PA6 Powder), enticed countless onlookers to take group photos.
A huge array of exciting technologies has been displayed at the event, including a VR experience. Visitors tried out the VR technology at the Solvay booth, transforming into a Technyl® Force superhero to undertake a thrilling voyage. They witnessed in depth the outstanding performance of Technyl® solutions in the areas of metal replacement, halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR) materials, thermal management solutions and chemical resistance materials. 
Solvay Performance Polyamides announced innovative HFFR materials on the ‘technology Lecture ’ during the third day of the exhibition.  Jonson Xing, C&E Global Marketing Manager, stood hand in hand with Ray Sparks (flame-retardant ) as he gave a concise yet insightful introduction to how Technyl® HFFR materials provide an extra degree of security in electrical and automotive applications.
For any innovative material to attain widespread application requires constant communication between material specialists and their downstream clients.  During the exhibition, our sales and technical teams discussed a number of actual challenges with clients in great detail, from client requirements to material selection, from material characteristics to applied testing, and from market trends to the direction of innovation … our belief during each individual discussion was centered on the progression of innovative materials and their innovative applications. This created many favorable impressions, providing us with the impetus for future innovation.
At the booth, a variety of media representatives spoke in depth with Solvay representatives about the issues of car lightweighting, new energy vehicles, lightweight electrics, miniaturisation and safety.  The electrical media, who to begin with were unfamiliar with high polymer materials, learnt through this dialogue with Solvay about the close interrelation between the vital role that high polymer materials occupies within the electrical industry and the industry’s main development trends.
Chinaplas 2018 has already come to a close, the Technyl® team will continue to join their forces with their clients, and constantly promote innovation and development throughout the industry.