23 Mar 2017

Looking for an expert in plumbing solutions?

In addition to achieving global certifications for drinking water compliance – NSF-61 (U.S.); WRAS (UK); ACS (France); KTW and W270 (Germany) for its Technyl® PA6.6, Solvay has passed another major milestone as Solvay is one of the first companies to offer an innovative PA6.10 material specifically formulated for the plumbing market. Solvay’s Technyl eXten® (PA 6.10) materials designed for the plumbing market provide all the same benefits and certifications as PA6.6, plus lower water-uptake, yielding exceptional dimensional stability and chlorine resistance while maintaining strong mechanical performance. The added benefits of PA 6.10 materials enable using these polyamides in more demanding applications than standard PA 6.6 materials, notably with higher temperatures and providing longer product life. 

With the introduction of the new Technyl eXten® products for plumbing, Solvay reinforces  its commitment to helping customers with innovative solutions for the plumbing market. In addition to the expansion of their product portfolio, Solvay offers state of the art mold and material simulation design services to ensure customers of a smooth transition as they move to replace metal in their plumbing applications. Contact Solvay today to see how we can help!