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Fuel Circuit

Automobile manufacturers are under increasing regulatory pressure to reduce vehicle emissions. These regulations strongly affect both new and proposed fuel system solutions, as well manufacturers’ criteria for selecting materials. 
Barrier properties 
Thanks to its effective performance as a barrier against different types of fuels, polyamide enables innovative solutions for applications within the fuel system, such as fuel filler ducts, fuel lines, and fuel rails. 
The Technyl® polyamide-based solution was developed by Domo Engineering Plastics for fuel and vapor line applications. Its objective is to provide superior resistance to stress cracking when products are in contact with road-salt environments, offering outstanding mechanical properties at low temperatures, combined with improved fuel barrier properties. 
Blow molding solutions 
Technyl® grades are available for manufacturing fuel filler ducts using blow molding technology, demonstrating reduced permeability and superior impact even at low temperature.


Fuel Connectors

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Key benefits :
  • Chemical resistance
  • Easy processing
  • Dimensional stability
Solution : Fluid Barrier