Industry automobile

Internal & external parts

External applications for vehicles have uncompromising requirements, including mechanical performance, weather resistance, paintability, and surface finish.
Technyl® Star polyamide is particularly well-suited for creating door handles and locks, thanks  to its excellent surface finish and easy paintability, even with very highly reinforced grades. Moreover, Technyl® Star polyamide is versatile enough for processing using injection molding, as well as gas and water injection technologies.
Outdoor mirror frames and supports are another good example of applications requiring high stiffness and a top quality surface. By providing outstanding weathering resistance and adapted rheological behavior to achieve the right surface aspect, Technyl® Star and Technyl® polyamides meet application needs perfectly.
Available in several colors, Technyl® polyamide grades designed for interior applications  support common product specifications as well as emerging and highly demanding requirements  for comfort.


Door Lock Mechanism

Related product : Technyl® STAR
Key benefits :
  • Weight reduction
  • Mechanical performance
  • High fluidity
  • Design freedom
Solution : Thermal Management

Rear Mirror

Related product : Technyl®
Key benefits :
  • Metal replacement
  • Mechanical performance
  • Weight reduction
  • Surface aspect
Solution : Metal Replacement