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Structural parts

Increasing numbers of automakers are switching to plastics for structural parts to support the industry’s ongoing challenge for lightweighting through metal replacement, where Technyl® materials lead the field.
A full range of PA6.6 and PA6 products from the Technyl® and Technyl® Star portfolios is available for developing robust structural parts, such as engine mounts and seat structures. Domo Engineering Plastics offers customers one-stop service, providing technical support and simulation capabilities, as well as proven expertise in molding technologies. 
Technyl® Star™ AFX and SX are high-flow polyamides that are widely used for structural parts requiring extreme stiffness, notably thanks to high reinforcement with up to 60% glass fiber to ensure optimal replacement for metal. These polyamides provide a very good finished surface aspect, along with excellent processability that brings shorter cycle time, lower energy costs, and less clamping force. 
Domo Engineering Plastics is also dedicated to developing new products for metal replacement in structural applications with improved strength, stiffness, and fatigue performance. Our MMI Technyl® Design technology accurately predicts the performance of injection-molded parts using polyamides. By fully reproducing in-use performance, this tools gives customers the confidence they need to make informed plastics choices. The accuracy of MMI Technyl® Design technology ultimately helps customers maximize weight reduction and save on production costs.