Industry construction

Electrical protections

When you need flame retardant materials to produce electrical protection equipment,there is no safer choice than the polyamide-based on Technyl® line by Domo Engineering Plastics. 
Fully satisfying strict UL standards, polyamide’s intrinsic flammability properties make it the ideal material for electrical devices of all kinds. When combined with flame retardant additives, polyamide achieves the most demanding levels of fire and electrical resistance, providing an optimal response to increasingly rigorous safety standards. 
Technyl products offer excellent thermal management, a major benefit in applications involving high operating temperatures currents, or arc-breaking phenomena. 
Supported directly by our two in-house UL laboratories, Technyl® halogen-free polyamides offer maximum safety performance, while meeting all applicable environmental protection regulations. 
Patented Technyl® One formulation by Domo Engineering Plastics combines high-flowability and a high melt temperature with excellent electrical properties and halogen-free fire safety performance. It is the ideal solution for applications requiring these critical properties, including high-voltage components, miniature and molded-case circuit breakers, contactors, and other power control equipment. 
Technyl® One offers a high flow matrix that enables complex design and fast processing, without any corrosion drawbacks for tools and injection molding machines – a common problem with high-temperature nylons. This factor alone can reduce manufacturing costs significantly. Technyl® One also exhibits reduced moisture uptake (as much as 40%) in comparison to other polyamides. This leads to excellent dimensional stability, which makes this product family ideal for use in humid climates and environments.


Contactor & Circuit Breakers

Related product : Technyl® 60 series and Technyl®50 series filled
Key benefits :
  • Full certification available (yellow card and railway certification), rating UL94 V0, CTI, RTI, mechanical properties, GWIT, GWFI, halogen free
  • Specifically for S60 G1 V30 : easy processing and low corrosion thanks to high fluidity, design freedom
  • Technyl®50 series: Full range available from mineral to glass filled material arc resistance, GWFI performances
Solution : Fire Protection

High Amperage Electrical Protection Devices

Related product : Technyl® ONE
Key benefits :
  • Full certification
  • Corrosion free
  • Easy processing
  • Low humidity uptake
  • Halogen free
Solution : Fire Protection

Terminal Block

Related product : Technyl® 50 series unfilled
Key benefits :
  • UL 94 V0 at 0.4mm
  • Halogen free
  • Full certification yellow card and railway
Solution : Fire Protection