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If you stop to think about the kitchen appliances and white goods we had in our homes a decade ago, you will be amazed to see how much safer, smarter, and sleeker these products have become.
Finding the best material solution has always been a major force driving industry evolution for appliance makers. Technyl® polyamide from Domo Engineering Plastics is the smart choice for many appliances, as its strong mechanical properties, combined with chemical and temperature resistance, ensures the highest possible level of safety. 
All the regulatory approvals you need are already in place for any type of application involving contact with food and water. Another feature highly appreciated by our customers is that Technyl® polyamide offers designers unlimited freedom to combine desirable visual aesthetics with function integration.
Polyamide compounds can now be found in nearly every household, in applications ranging from washing machine door hinges to the brewing units in capsule coffee makers. Domo Engineering Plastics continues to work closely with industry leaders to make household appliances even more affordable. Our Technyl® range products are far less corrosive than traditional fire-resistant materials, which simplifies processing and increases production equipment lifetime. 
At the same time, Technyl® halogen-free polyamides are much more than a means to respect industry standards. With our customers, we share a strong commitment to leverage our innovative technologies as a means to reduce ecological impact.


Connectors (Appliances)

Related product : Technyl® ONE , A complete Technyl® Halogen Free range, Technyl® A 50H1/X1, Technyl® A 60G1 V25 & V30, Technyl® S 60G1 V30
Key benefits :
  • Thermal resistance
  • Stiffness and Toughness
  • Stable processability
  • GWIT 775°C to comply with IEC 60335-1
  • Full UL Yellow Card certification, including a 5VA flame class rating at 0.8 mm thickness
  • RTI from 105°C as a standard up to 150°C for high performances grades
Solution : Fire Protection

Electrical Parts (Appliances)

Related product : Technyl® A 60G1 V30/V25, Technyl® A 60G2 V30, Technyl® S 60G1 V30
Key benefits :
  • Full certification
  • GWIT 775°C
Solution : Fire Protection

Structural Parts (Appliances)

Related product : Technyl® STAR , AFX 218/216 V50/V60
Key benefits :
  • High mechanical properties
Solution : Metal Replacement

Valves & Pumps

Related product : Technyl®
Key benefits :
  • Water contact approved
Solution : Fluid Barrier

Food & Water Contact Parts

Related product : All our food contact grades PA6.6 and PA6.10, Technyl® A 218W V30, A 218WFC V50, D219WFC V30
Key benefits :
  • Full certification
Solution : Fluid Barrier