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Leakage has always been one of the most challenging issues for alkaline batteries. As batteries discharge either through normal use or gradual self-discharge, leaks can occur because cell chemistry changes and small amounts of hydrogen are generated. This outgassing increases pressure inside the battery, which eventually ruptures the insulating seals at the end of the battery or the outer metal canister, or both.
As a leading provider of innovative material solutions, Domo Engineering Plastics knows that using the right material, even for a very small part in the battery, helps address this issue.
Excellent chemical resistance, coupled with low humidity absorption characteristics, makes Technyl® eXten PA6.10 the ideal material choice for alkaline battery gaskets.
Technyl® eXten PA6.10 supports customers’ efforts to develop high power products, to increase battery operating lifetime significantly while preventing any electrolyte leakage or risk of fire outbreak.
Sourced from castor oil, Technyl® eXten polyamide is designed for injection and extrusion applications. This polyamide exceeds the technical capabilities of traditional materials and, at the same time, reduces the overall carbon footprint significantly.
The bio-sourced Technyl®eXten D247F is an upgrade in Domo’s offering for current PA 6.6 users, offering even higher performance and greater environmental benefits.


Akaline Battery

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Key benefits :
  • Chemical barrier
  • Good toughness and flexibility
  • Low temperature impact
  • Low water uptake
  • Good processability
  • Bio-Sourced material
Solution : Fluid Barrier