22 Oct 2019 / MMI

More Robust Parts Design Through Better Materials Testing

MTS ACUMEN, the most powerful mechanical testing system

We strive to supply our customers not only with the best materials, but also with the best data possible to optimize the design of Technyl® parts to withstand even the harshest of operating conditions. This is why we are taking polyamide materials testing to the next level, by introducing our new, state-of-the-art electrodynamic testing system.

With a load capacity of 12kN, our new MTS ACUMEN mechanical testing system is the most powerful in the range of electrodynamic test systems and the first such machine to be commercialized. As such, it will accelerate the development of our Technyl® MMI database dedicated to fatigue simulation. And, thanks to its WEISS climate chamber, we are able to make the tests much closer to reality by regulating a wide range of both temperature and moisture levels. This is critical, since most polyamide parts subject to fatigue are operating in damp environments, especially under the hood for automotive parts.

The new MTS ACUMEN complements our existing set of two other MTS fatigue benches, all equipped with WEISS climate chambers. Thanks to their great build quality and meticulous maintenance by MTS teams, we are extremely satisfied with our MTS machines. The first machine has already clocked 30 000 hours without incident over the last five years and the WEISS chambers have also proved to be exceptionally reliable and accurate.

Optimizing MMI Technyl® Design

All three machines are primarily dedicated to the development of our MMI Technyl® Design technology. Thanks to MMI, mechanical simulations and crash analysis of plastic parts reinforced with glass fibers have already become much more predictive than in the past. Now, we can provide our customers an enhanced technology dedicated to fatigue simulation, and first sets of fatigue data allowing optimal simulation quality. With three test benches, which can also be operated with infrared cameras and Digital Image Correlation systems, we will be able to develop our test database even more rapidly.

At Performance Polyamides, we are doing our utmost to supply customers with the best data possible for the optimal design of Technyl® parts subject to fatigue in a large number of operating conditions. Find out more by contacting the Technyl® Force Team.