Technyl® 4earth® Recycled Polyamide

Technyl® 4earth®

Move4Earth® is supported by European Commission Life+ programme

Enter the polyamide ‘Greenolution’!

While continuing to offer the advantages of its class-leading products and solutions, sustainability remains a key challenge for Domo teams.
As a result, the brand new solution Technyl® 4earth® has been developed, providing breakthrough environmental benefits as compared to traditional polyamide 6.6 (PA6.6).

High Performance Properties similar to traditional Technyl® PA6.6 grades

  • Material viscosity similar to traditional Technyl®
  • Material tolerance and variation in glass fiber content on level with virgin grades
  • Hot runner moldable
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Good ageing performances 

Move® 4earth®, leveraging a breakthrough patented transformation process* of technical fabrics

Industrialized in Poland, this patented process transforms stable sources of post-industrial or end-of-life technical textiles, such as automotive airbags, into premium quality engineering plastics. This unique technology offers novel eco-friendly products with similar performance when compared to traditional Technyl® grades. This innovation contributes to protect our natural resources leading to a healthier environment while still providing top-quality products and solutions. 

Move 4earth® is supported by the European Commission (LIFE+ programme) and recently awarded the Pierre Potier Prize for sustainable and eco-responsible developments. For the fisrt time, an industrial player can provide an eco-friendly solution suitable for highly demanding applications.

Reducing environmental impact in key areas

Technyl® 4earth® significantly reduces the environmental impact of polyamide parts to a level that has never been reached before. Cradle-to-gate assessment shows outstanding results: carbon footprint reduced by a quarter; consumption of non-renewable resources divided by two; and water use decreased by over two-thirds compared to traditional compounds!


Meeting target application requirements with an environmentally-friendly approach

Enhanced consumer awareness and legislation are pushing OEMs and processors to improve sustainability, hence a growing demand for solutions with lower environmental footprint. However, the variable performance of recycled materials prevented customers from using them in the most demanding applications. Domo’s goal with Technyl 4earth® is to accelerate the use of sustainable plastics by providing better-performing grades to meet today’s ever more demanding technical requirements and broaden the scope of target applications, including:

  • Automotive market: bearing cages, gear-shift housings, oil pans, oil separators, cylinder head covers, air intake manifolds, transmission covers, belt protection and tensioners…
  • Electrical appliances: household, gardening and do-it-yourself appliances…
  • Consumer and industrial goods: thermal breaks/window profiles, furniture components, industrial components, sports and leisure equipment, farming tools, 2-wheelers…

With Technyl® 4earth®, allying eco-design and high performance is now a reality!