Technyl® BLUE Heat Exchanger Polymers

Technyl® BLUE

Technyl® BLUE range is a heat stabilized material family for automotive thermal management combining superior hydrolysis and thermal ageing performance in presence of aggressive coolants.

Built on the proven strengths of Technyl® 34NG series, Technyl® BLUE is a wide range of products offering a 15 to 60 percent enhanced hydrolysis resistance versus standard polyamides 66 (PA66). Technyl® BLUE includes a top-of-the-range compound which perfectly meets road salt challenges in low-temperature regions.




Technyl® BLUE, managing temperatures from the highest to the lowest

Your engine gets hot ?

When you have to deal with high temperatures, Technyl® BLUE brings you a technology that provides your engine with a superior resistance to hot glycol.

Winter is coming !

The top of the range Technyl® BLUE is a special compound highly resistant to road salts This material demonstrates high chemical resistance to calcium chloride, the preferred road salt used in countries with lower freezing temperatures.

Technyl® BLUE is the ideal solution for thermal management parts

With an attractive cost/performance ratio compared to metal or alternative plastics, Technyl® BLUE is one of the preferred solutions for thermal management in the automotive industry. After rigorous testing at OEMs and Tiers level, the material obtained full approval for use in parts such as radiator-end tanks, expansion tanks, electronic thermostat housing, oil filter housings/modules, kick connectors, cooling pipes and EGR heat exchangers.