Technyl® eXten Bio Sourced Polyamide

Technyl® eXten

Your fluid barrier solution with Technyl®

Consumer demand, technical performance, and regulatory constraints are all driving factors for product design in numerous market sectors today. The challenge is to satisfy all three!

Many plastics applications, including those with exposure to fluids and humidity, in harsh or everyday conditions, have to cover a wide range of functional criteria. Manufacturers are also seeking ways to respect environmental concerns by producing eco-friendly products.

Technyl®eXten is a bio-sourced polyamide with exceptional fluid barrier properties, fulfilling customer expectations in terms of end-product performance and surface aspect, and giving manufacturers a solution for creating highly resistant materials while reducing their carbon footprint.

More than just a coating material

Technyl®eXten was designed as a protective coating material, for example enabling the use of lower-cost coated aluminum instead of copper tubes in air conditioning systems. The environmentally-friendly Technyl® eXten solution is now available with grades for both extrusion and injection molding.

Plasticized extrusion Technyl®eXten grades are ideal for applications such as flexible plastic pipes, hoses, tubes for brake and clutch systems, fuel lines and other systems where robust, leak-free performance is an absolute requirement.  

Glass-filled Technyl®eXten grades for injection molding enable manufacturers to create specialty parts, such as fuel transfer quick-connectors, battery gaskets, and even impact-resistant sports equipment.

Excellent chemical resistance to salts, as well as to steam and hot water and its low humidity absorption characteristics make Technyl®eXten an excellent alternative to longer carbon chain polyamides, notably PA12.

Main benefits of Technyl® eXten

  •        Superior fluid resistance and thermal properties
  •        Strong adhesion to metal for coating applications
  •        Significant ecological advantages over conventional polyamides

Key features

  •       Chemical resistance to oil, salt, steam, hot water, and fuel
  •       Over 60% renewable carbon content
  •       Available in extrusion and injection grades
  •       As a coating material, prevents corrosion and oxidation
  •       Cost-effective alternative to long-chain polyamides, such as PA12
  •       Complete color sampling

Tailor made support to meet your exact needs

Global customer support services are available for all Technyl® products. Domo’s technical development and service centers will help you design the exact solution you need to respect your product requirements, cost constraints, and production considerations.