Technyl® RED High Temperature Polyamide

Technyl® RED

Technyl® ranges help meet growing demand for downsized engines that continue to offer lightweighting performance and power output. To overcome engine downsizing constraints such as greatly increased temperatures and pressures, Technyl® RED solutions have been developed to resist the higher continuous heat stress of new generation engines. 

Today, more than 15 million engines are already using Technyl® heat performance technologies. The Technyl® RED new generation of products help OEMs to outperform their thermal management systems.



Technyl® RED S, a highly heat stabilized polyamide designed especially for automotive applications

Technyl® RED S is a highly heat stabilized polyamide designed especially for automotive applications operating at a continuous temperature of 200°C such as turbo air ducts, charge-air coolers and cylinder head covers. It provides automotive industry applications with enhanced thermal ageing stability without compromising part performance and cost-efficient processability.

Technyl® RED S allows a continuous operating temperature up to 210°C (at 1,000h) or 200°C (at 2,000 hours). With its new and innovative formulation, Technyl® RED S further improves multiple benefits such as strong impact and resistance to acid condensates, high flowability, superior surface aspect and excellent weldability.

Technyl® RED J, the top-of-the-range building block of the Technyl® RED for thermal management

Technyl® RED J is the top-of-the-range building block of the Technyl® RED offering for thermal management systems, targeting applications such as air intake manifolds, charge air coolers, turbo air ducts, resonators, cylinder head and engine covers.  

Technyl® RED J offers outstanding long-term heat ageing performance of up to 220°C (at 2,000 hours) or 210°C (at 3,000 hours). Based on patented PA66/6T technology, Technyl® RED J flows like PA66, ensures high chemical resistance and excellent surface aspect.

In addition, it is highly suitable for both vibration and hot gas welding, delivering high burst pressure levels confirmed in extensive pulsated air pressure tests at Domo’s Application Performance Testing (APT®) centers. Recommended melt and mold temperatures are significantly lower than competitive PA4.6 or PPA resins, which saves energy during processing and minimizes part cooling time.  

Technyl® RED, the best solution for parts operating at high temperature