Technyl® STAR High Tensile Strength Polymers

Technyl® STAR

Pushing the limits of thermoplastics with Technyl®

Now omnipresent in consumer goods and industrial products of all kinds, engineering plastics have long-proven their value in terms of technical performance and aesthetics. 

Their physical strength also makes them ideal as a lightweight replacement for metal in many cases.

Technyl® Star is a high-fluidity range that combines outstanding mechanical performance and incomparable processability, giving manufacturers the ability to push their own product innovations into new areas. With Technyl® Star, switching from steel and other metals to plastic is not only a valid technical option, but a quality choice that makes good business sense. 

Main benefits

  • High strength polyamide material as a replacement for metal 
  • Efficient injection process saves cost, time, and energy in manufacturing 
  • End-of-life product recyclability



The design freedom and robustness you’ve been looking for

It’s time to unleash your product design potential. Technyl® Star offers a complete range of metal replacement solutions, from the medium-reinforced Technyl® Star S and AF for the ultimate in processing and molding efficiency, to highly-reinforced Technyl® Star SX and AFX for unprecedented weight reduction and rigidity.

Key features

  •         Medium- to highly-reinforced grades
  •         Unique mechanical performance, rigidity, and resistance
  •         Flame retardant grades (with numerous color options)
  •         Excellent surface aspect
  •         Easy processing

Tailor made support meet your exact needs

Global customer support services are available for all Technyl® products. Domo’s technical development and service centers will help you design the exact solution you need to respect your product requirements, cost constraints, and production considerations.