04 Apr 2018 / 3D Printing

Sinterline® Powders: Raising the Bar for 3D Printing

Technyl® supports major players of different industries in the transition to 3D printing development and production through additive manufacturing product and service expertise developed over the past 10 years.

Sinterline®, the pioneer polyamide 6 powders for selective laser sintering (SLS), is designed to meet the growing demand for higher-performance rapid prototyping and low-volume series applications. Based on the same resin chemistry as Solvay’s established Technyl® polyamides, Sinterline® delivers prototyping parts with functional properties.

As chemists, our role is to keep innovating new solutions and new materials for the market,” says Elodie Seignobos, technical leader for the Sinterline® project at Technyl®. “We are working on developing new and better powders with even better mechanical performance for SLS.

Superior performance

SLS using Sinterline® powders raises the standard for 3D printing, providing for better adhesion between all layers and superior mechanical performance,” says Seignobos.

The main applications today for Sinterline® are in automotive uses for prototyping and under-the-hood parts, like air intake manifolds and cylinder head covers. “We are also exploring other applications, such as spare parts or small series – anywhere where heat resistance can be an advantage,” she says.

In fact, the Technyl® team keeps innovating and coming up with new ways to harness their expertise to support customers. “We now have the tools to predict part performance, as well as to provide project feasibility validation,” adds Seignobos. “We can also support product launches in our Solvay labs, which can be very helpful for customers.

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