16 Nov 2016

Technyl® 4earth® supports automotive players to accelerate ‘green materials’ use in vehicles

Today, enhanced consumer awareness and legislation are pushing OEMs and processors to improve sustainability, hence a growing demand for solutions with lower environmental footprint. However, the variable performance of recycled materials prevented our customers from using them in the most demanding applications.

To answer this challenge, Solvay developed Technyl® 4earth®. Technyl® 4earth® is the first Polyamide 6.6 able to bring similar performance to traditional Technyl® materials while significantly reducing the environmental impact of polyamide parts to a level that has never been reached before.

Number of applications using Technyl® 4earth® are already under development with major players in automotive and consumer goods markets.

With Technyl® 4earth®, allying eco-design and high performance is now a reality!

To accelerate the time-to-market of parts integrating Technyl® 4earth® materials, Solvay supports its customers with a complete array of technical services, from advanced material characterization to application validation. This offering includes 3D printing of PA6-based functional prototypes in Sinterline® PA6 powders, predictive simulation with MMI® Technyl® Design as well as part testing at fully equipped APT® Technyl® Validation centers.