31 May 2017 / Circular Economy

Technyl® 4earth® to reduce the environmental footprint of high performance materials

Technyl® 4earth® is a brand new solution that provides breakthrough environmental benefits as compared to traditional Polyamide 6.6 (PA6.6).

This pioneering innovation is born from Move 4earth® patented process which transforms stable sources of post-industrial or end-of-life technical textiles, such as automotive airbags, into prime quality engineering plastics. This unique technology offers novel eco-friendly products with similar performance when compared to traditional Technyl®. 

Solvay’s initial cradle-to-gate assessment shows outstanding results: carbon footprint reduced by a quarter; consumption of non-renewable resources divided by two; and water use decreased by over two-thirds compared to traditional compounds.

The cradle-to-gate environmental footprint of Technyl® 4earth® is significantly reduced vs. prime Technyl® PA6.6.