29 Mar 2018 / Event

Technyl® inaugurates its brand new unit in San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Since October 2017, the Technyl® unit in San Luis Potosi serves regional customers in the automotive and consumer goods markets.

On March 15th, the Technyl® team in Mexico welcomed customers, partners, local dignitaries and press to celebrate the official inauguration of its brand new facility.

All along the event, different stakeholders testified to the pertinence of this new 10KT compounding unit based in Mexico. Amongst the different speeches, Gustavo Puente, Secretary of Economic Promotion, highlighted the importance of having players such as Solvay Performance Polyamides coming to San Luis Potosi, contributing to both to the development of the local economy and bringing new technical knowledge. Marcelo Conti, Global Powertrain Purchasing Director at General Motors, expressed his view of the great synergy and collaboration of Chunil Engineering with their supplier Solvay Performance Polyamides in turn benefiting GM and finally the end customer, from the Technyl® high-quality offer.

Marcos Curti, Americas Director, reaffirmed that this unit was born thanks to the strong intimacy with Chunil Engineering, a global automotive Tier 1 and long-standing customer.  He shared the Technyl® ambitions for North American market and also thanked the teams for having raised from the ground in a very short period of time a state-of-the-art unit.

After the ribbon cutting ceremony, guests left for a plant tour, detailing the new production tool.

This great event demonstrated the willingness of Solvay Performance Polyamides to develop its footprint in Mexico and North America. Mexico attracts a growing number of global players, particularly from Europe and Asia. Many of them are Solvay’s longstanding customers who need a trustworthy local manufacture of products they can fully trust.