07 Mar 2017

Technyl® offers Drinking Water compatible solutions

Customers in the plumbing industry are increasingly looking for solutions that will help them address cost and performance challenges in a demanding and regulated environment. Very few industries impose more stringent standards than plumbing as municipalities continue to strive for improvement in quality of the drinking water.  Consumer safety and health are of the utmost importance, and as such choosing materials for products and components coming into contact with water has become a complex and technical task. The Technyl® plumbing portfolio of materials aims to make material selection easier.  Use of products from the Technyl® plumbing portfolio; with global drinking water and food contact certifications in place – NSF-61 (U.S.); WRAS (UK); ACS (France); KTW and W270 (Germany) – can significantly shorten the product design and approval time for global manufacturers.

PA-based Technyl® products from Solvay leverage the company’s expertise in metal replacement, providing a number of key benefits over conventional plumbing materials such as brass, copper, non-alloy steel and aluminum. They eliminate the risk of galvanic corrosion associated with these metals, reduce cost and facilitate compliance with tighter regulations on permissible levels of lead in drinking water.