31 Mar 2020 / E-mobility

Technyl Orange: DOMO’s high-performance polyamide for EV parts and components

In electric vehicles, high-voltage components and cabling are identifiable by the color orange for safety reasons (see Safety orange: New range of polyamide for safer electric vehicles). This means that parts and component-makers for electric vehicles require compounds offering color stability along with heat and high-voltage resistance, as well as being compliant with regional regulatory standards.

The challenge for research & technology teams has been to come up with polyamide-based compounds that are stable under high temperature and where the orange color does not migrate and remains stable all along the injection process and beyond. A similar complexity is to ensure that the flame-retardant properties are not compromised due to processing or aging.

Only recently have formulators been able to overcome these challenges, achieving the required color and flame-retardant stability – notably, with the launch of the Technyl® Orange polyamide range.

We worked for many years to improve the combination of pigment stability and specific performances and our teams were succeeded in developing this extremely stable range” says Florence​ Schutz, Global Marketing Manager. “It is both easy to process, with low mold deposit, while also featuring reliable color retention and flame-retardancy. A Technyl® Orange toolbox allows you to customize our grades to make them, for example, suitable for laser-marking.

Safety orange
We have several Technyl® Orange materials commercially available that cover the main needs of the market,” adds Hubert​ Ruck, OEM & Electromobility Manager. “At the same time, we are able to develop the right product to meet the specific needs of the customer and can adapt it to their exact requirements, such as flame retardancy or not.

The Technyl® Orange range is available in different standard orange shades, including RAL 2003, RAL 2008 and RAL 2011, but is not limited to these. Target applications include cables, connectors, charge plugs and sockets, converter housings, sensors and insulators.

Featuring UL94 V0 flammability ratings at wall thickness as low as 0.4 mm, Technyl® Orange performance increases the potential for miniaturization of electrical and connection components in electric vehicles, without compromising safety.

Another key feature of Technyl® Orange materials is the suitability for laser marking for any critical information or barcode indicators that need to be legible throughout the life of the product. Technyl® can provide the three main laser technologies used by customers, in-house (YAG 1064 nm, Pico-green 532 nm, UV 355 nm).

Get in touch with the Technyl® team to harness the full capabilities of this new range of polyamide products for your high-voltage component and cabling needs!