10 Oct 2017 / Innovation

Technyl unveiled its quality control system for material database

In a recent technical forum in Germany, the Technyl®  team unveiled a quality control system aimed to strengthen the management of its huge material database foradvanced integrative simulation.

Powered by Digimat, an advanced CAE tool from its long-term technical partner e-Xstream Engineering, Technyl® has in the past decade well established the  MMI Technyl® Design, an advanced predictive platform that allows manufacturers to forecast the material behavior before moving forward to real production of injection-molded parts.

The  MMI Technyl® Design platform leverages an extensive database with more than 10,000 analysis files of 50 Technyl® polyamide materials derived from laboratory testing. The database, as a unique part of the MMI Technyl® Design platform, allows the Technyl® customers to fully exploit key material properties ranging from static to crash simulation. It also offers a wide range of calculations to simulate in-use conditions with the temperature from -40°C to 160°C, moisture from 0% to 80%and glass fibre reinforcement from 15% to 60%.

“We already have the leading position in terms of quantity when leveraging the Digimat-MX. But we didn’t stop there. For us, the quality of this material database has the equal importance as the quantity,“ said Weibing Wang , Simulation Engineer of Solvay Performance Polyamide at the the Digimat User’s Meeting 2017 in Berlin.

“That is why we have built a new quality control system to guarantee that all the material files in our database work correctly and our customers can fully rely on these data.”

According to Wang, the new quality control system is semi automatic to effectively avoid errors from human manipulation.It enables the quality controller to have a visual check on the trend of each parameter and identify the potential errors in a very quick way.

In addition to the new quality control system, the  MMI Technyl® Design has been closely following up the evolution of Digimat and continuously testing the new Digimat features to make sure the Technyl® MMI database is well adapted so that thecustomers can always take benefits from using the latest features. 

“All these measures will boost our customer’s’ confidence in plastic material selection for metal replacement solutions, which means lower production costs and faster speed to the market.”added Wang.