14 Nov 2016

Thank you for visiting Solvay booth at K2016!

Thank you for coming to see us at K2016. We hope you felt the Technyl® Force of our brand new solutions for #MoreFreedom, #MoreProtection and #MoreFuture. 

We assume you had a great experience on our booth! You are now ready to shape the future with us thanks to our latest technologies: 

Breakthrough Technyl® 4earth®, providing an eco-friendly solution suitable for highly demanding applications,
Innovative Technyl® REDx, the “smart molecule” heat-performance technology boosting material performances far beyond their initial properties,
New prototyping possibilities achieving performance nearly at injection levels with the Sinterline® 3D printing solution and MMI® predictive simulation service. 

Glad to have seen you in Düsseldorf. We’re looking forward to our next meeting!