11 Apr 2017

The Technyl® Force: always at the forefront of innovation

Solvay Performance Polyamides continuously invests in the latest technologies to accelerate the emergence of innovative solutions and better serve its customers.

Committed to maintaining its leadership in offering services and innovative solutions in polyamide, Solvay has invested heavily in equipping and strengthening the infrastructure of its Research, Innovation and Technology Laboratory located in São Bernardo do Campo (São Paulo state – Brazil).

The investment strategy has clear objectives: enlarge the capabilities of our material characterization tests and accelerate the development new processes, products and technologies. “We are leveraging our ability to generate more value for our customers and to reach new businesses and markets,” explains Fernando Ribeiro, Customer Development Manager and Applications.

Among our latest acquisitions are an extruder enabling the development of new Technyl® polyamides and scale-up analysis, some equipment able to determine Vicat softening temperature and thermal deflection temperature (HDT), a climatic chamber for conditioning test bodies at temperatures between -40°C and +130°C and performing mechanical analysis (traction, flexural and impact) in special thermal conditions.

“We are giving speed to our local process of innovation and offer alternatives to meet the specific demands of customers,” comments Ribeiro. “This is how we can support them to get in touch with the future!”

Solvay has also invested in the modernization of Control and Quality Laboratory, improving the level of reliability of the analysis by reducing variability and simplification of analytical methods.

Solvay also supports customers with a complete array of technical services designed to speed the time to market of new applications, from advanced material characterization to application validation. This offering includes 3D printing of PA6-based functional prototypes in Sinterline® PA6 powders, predictive simulation with MMI Technyl® Design as well as part testing at fully equipped APT® Technyl® Validation centers.