12 Sep 2017 / Mobile Game

The Technyl® Force expands its digital presence on social networks

The Technyl® Force has long been active on the web and social media, notably via the technyl.com websiteTwitterWeChat, and our fun & free mobile game. We are now expanding support for the Technyl® offering by also focusing on FacebookYouTubeInstagram and Weibo communities. 

Why is social media so important? Good question! Our competitors and customers are already very active on social media strengthening their e-reputation. Social networks are a great way to spread out our brand awareness. With platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Weibo and WeChat, we can generate tremendous online exposure for the Technyl® brand highlighting our products and services. Those communication channels help us to have an accurate vision of market trends. 

Social media helps Technyl® to remain in the top-minded major brands for our customers. It is also a good way to attract new prospects in the regions where we want to grow. 

This effort helps to keep our customers and distributors informed about our actions and developments, while building new levels of interaction that only social media can provide. With each media outlet offering its own specific appeal, the tone and level of information varies, giving people more options to choose what works best for them, from friendly and informal threads on Facebook, to more informative visionary and technical videos on YouTube. Choose the platform that meets your needs, we look forward to seeing you there!