16 Nov 2017 / Event

The Technyl® Force at Plastimagen 2017: Unvealing our plans for North America market

For the first time, the Technyl® Force teams attended Plastimagen trade fair last November. Based in Mexico city, Plastimagen is one of the most important plastics events in America. 

Concomitant with the launch of the Technyl® production facility in San Luis Potosi (Mexico), this fair has been the opportunity to meet local and international players of both the automotive and the plastics industry. This was the occasion to introduce our latest innovations (Technyl® RedS and Technyl® Blue) and to inform them that the Technyl® compounding unit is fully operational and ready to serve them on the whole NAFTA market.

Mexico attracts a growing number of global players, particularly from Europe and Asia. Many of them are Solvay’s longstanding customers who need a trustworthy local manufacture of products. The 10KT unit is already serving the Technyl® regional customers in the automotive and consumer goods markets.