14 May 2020 / PA6

When Technyl and DOMO join forces to build a powerful PA6 offering

The integration of the Technyl business into the DOMO Chemical family creates a European leader in high-performance engineering polyamide materials, driving innovation and accelerating sustainable growth. The strong reputation of the TECHNYL® brand fits perfectly with the DOMAMID® range of engineered and virgin polyamide resin grades and ECONAMID® range of recycled polyamides. By integrating the complementary strengths of both companies, customer excellence is bolstered through an integrated PA6 value proposition, also comprising PA6.6, PAHT, PA6.10, PPA and PPS.


Benefiting from more than 66 years of expertise in polyamides and strong positions in the automotive and electrical and electronics markets, the new DOMO becomes a game changer in the European landscape. The combination delivers a robust new PA6 offering, bringing both performance and competitiveness to local markets, especially important in the context of an economy looking to restart again quickly and efficiently.


Covering automotive from under-the-hood to interior and structural parts

The Technyl® PA6 engineering plastics lines provide lightweight structural solutions with many metal-replacement benefits. They deliver long-term heat-stabilized grades for under the hood and exteriors parts, as well as UV-stabilized grades and high-quality surface materials for visually-appealing applications in car interiors. Technyl® PA6 is particularly well-suited for such under the hood applications as air intake manifolds, turbo air ducts and charge air coolers, as well as engine covers, cylinder head covers and oil pans. Interior applications include accelerator and clutch pedals, brackets and door handles, and many other parts and components, while structural parts comprise fans and shrouds, front ends and more.


Maximizing electrical & electronics safety and miniaturization potential

Technyl® offers state-of-the-art polyamide 6 solutions for the E&E segment, combining excellent electrical and mechanical properties with sustainable fire safety and reliable color stability. With its Technyl® line, DOMO has developed a complete range of halogen-free flame retardant PA6 solutions for applications ranging from electrical protection devices, lighting and renewable energies, to electronic consumer goods, household appliances and more.


Answering the diversity of industrial & consumer goods challenges

Technyl® metal-replacement solutions provide lighter, easier-to-process and more adaptable materials with a wide range of PA6 engineering plastics. They have excellent mechanical properties, such as very good strength and hardness, high chemical resistance and exceptional thermal stability with tailor-made colors and enhanced UV resistance when needed. The Technyl® PA6 range offers adaptable solutions for thermal management and fluid barriers from piping and plumbing to cooling and heating systems and more.


Upgraded service platform

The Technyl® team’s new upgraded service platform, HUB by Technyl®, connects customer needs with dedicated expertise to support innovation and accelerate time-to-market. Starting with efficient design, a multidisciplinary team will analyze your problem and propose creative and efficient design solutions. This includes design expertise, functional integration, topological optimization, integration of processing and post-processing requirements, and mold design support.


Potent proposition

The combination of Technyl® and DOMO in the PA6 space creates a powerful value proposition for OEMs and T1’s, driving innovation and accelerating sustainable growth. Whether a new or existing customer of either part of the business, you will now be able to access an even broader portfolio of high quality, innovative and sustainable solutions for your development of processes, products and applications in your key markets.