In February 2022, DOMO assumes full worldwide ownership of the TECHNYL® brand and becomes its sole global manufacturer and supplier. We look forward to serving our customers with the complete TECHNYL® portfolio globally. The countdown has begun. Join us in counting down the days left to this important milestone, which marks the new potential for joint growth, shared innovation, and meaningful connection with our customers worldwide. Discover our universe
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Hitting the mark with laser marking of polyamide parts

Parts and component makers are increasingly relying on laser marking to identify plastic parts with a reference number, barcode or QR code. DOMO works closely with customers in the automotive and electrical & electronics industries, among others, to design the most suitable polyamide grades for laser marking. This development support, and the underlying investment, is just one example of DOMO’s full service offering to enable customer innovation.

Circular economy motive

DOMO renews Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification for four ECONAMID® products

ECONAMID® FL 6, FL 6G30, FL 66 and FL 66G30 all pass rigorous independent life cycle assessments as DOMO continues to incorporate sustainable innovation into its solutions and processes. DOMO is proud to announce that four of its products have achieved Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certification renewal, following an independent life cycle assessment (LCA) that covers critical elements of sustainability through the product creation journey.


UL Webinar: Domo’s Laser markable solutions

Laser marking is very common in the electrical and electronic segment, where customers need solutions that are laser-markable with multiple techniques. Multi-colored marking requires deep formulation expertise, as the final solution generally consists of a sophisticated mix of pigments and additives. At DOMO, we are equipped with different laser marking systems for testing our formulations. Xavier Couillens and Cécile Corriol will present DOMO’s laser markable solution family.

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