In February 2022, DOMO assumes full worldwide ownership of the TECHNYL® brand and becomes its sole global manufacturer and supplier. We look forward to serving our customers with the complete TECHNYL® portfolio globally. The countdown has begun. Join us in counting down the days left to this important milestone, which marks the new potential for joint growth, shared innovation, and meaningful connection with our customers worldwide. Discover our universe
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DOMO to exclusively produce and commercialize TECHNYL® globally from early 2022

Following its acquisition of Solvay’s Performance Polyamides Business in Europe in 2020, including the market reference product TECHNYL®, DOMO Chemicals is now the leading supplier in the European polyamide arena with the upstream integration of PA6 and PA66. In addition, from February 2022 DOMO will exclusively produce and commercialize TECHNYL® globally, providing the worldwide market with the brand’s almost 70 years of experience.

Webinar: Glycol resistant polyamides for automotive cooling circuits

Plastic components such as polyamides (PA) are often used in the cooling circuits of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles, due to their good thermo-mechanical behaviour and chemical resistance to cooling fluids such as glycol mixtures. However, as more people move to electric vehicles, there are new technical challenges for engineering plastics. DOMO’s R&D innovation lead for Automotive Market, Louise-Anne Fillot, will be talking about how our innovative TECHNYL® products offer solutions for this specific mobility segment.

Flow management

Technyl ONE: The unparalleled solution for advanced electrical protection

Electrical equipment and consumer electronics manufacturers are increasingly looking to high-performance polyamides for device miniaturization while seeking solutions that meet ever-more stringent industry regulations, including for fire and safety hazards. With its Technyl® line, DOMO Engineering Materials offers a complete range of non-halogenated flame-retardant polymer solutions for applications ranging from power management and renewable energy systems, to consumer electronics, household appliances and more.


Polyamide solutions for viable hydrogen fuel cell vehicles

The sustainable mobility revolution is gaining momentum, with close to 10 million electric vehicles (EVs) on the road today, and a tenfold increase expected over the next 10 years. And the scope of alternative drivetrain solutions goes beyond battery EVs and hybrids. It also includes fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), which produce their own electricity through a hydrogen fuel cell. Key components of the fuel cell, including the stack and storage, require demanding material performance and Technyl® delivers with specially-formulated PA solutions.


Technyl Orange: A shade apart among polyamides

In electric vehicles (EVs), the color orange is used for parts and components that represent a potential electric safety hazard, so that they are immediately identifiable. Had the marketing people who selected the color orange first consulted with the technical engineers, however, they might have opted for a different shade, because orange is the most challenging color to formulate in polyamide. Having successfully taken on this challenge several years ago, Technyl® has established a strong value proposition with its Technyl® Orange range.

Flow management

Flow management: go with the network flow

In this technology-driven era, objects, systems, workflows and solutions are increasingly interconnected. By integrating data with artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT), arrays of electronics, electric circuits and grids, energy and water management systems, and more, are creating new network effects for society. As a result, today’s cars, homes, businesses and industry, and entire communities, are becoming more functional and efficient.

Predictive Simulation

MMI Technyl Design: Even better than the real thing

To help manufacturers innovate quickly and keep ahead of the competition, DOMO has developed a unique suite of services designed to push the boundaries of parts performance in fast-changing sectors like automotive, consumer electronics, heating and cooling and more. HUB by Technyl® features MMI® Technyl® Design’s advanced predictive simulation tool to help OEMs and parts suppliers develop lighter, more cost-effective parts, with dedicated expertise to support innovation and speed time-to-market.


When Technyl and DOMO join forces to build a powerful PA6 offering

The integration of the Technyl business into the DOMO Chemical family creates a European leader in high-performance engineering polyamide materials, driving innovation and accelerating sustainable growth. The strong reputation of the TECHNYL® brand fits perfectly with the DOMAMID® range of engineered and virgin polyamide resin grades and ECONAMID® range of recycled polyamides. By integrating the complementary strengths of both companies, customer excellence is bolstered through an integrated PA6 value proposition, also comprising PA6.6, PAHT, PA6.10, PPA and PPS.

water management systems

A wellspring of advantages for water management systems

Water is our most precious resource and clean drinking water is essential to our well-being. This is why water systems are subject to some of the most stringent standards of any industry in terms of health and safety. This is especially the case with respect to materials for products coming into contact with drinking water. Technyl® offers a competitive portfolio of solutions specifically geared to water management systems, including for food and drinking water contact applications.

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