07 Feb 2017

e-Xstream and Solvay recognized with JEC Innovation Award

e-Xstream engineering and Solvay received the JEC Innovation Award for launching Digimat Additive Manufacturing, a modeling solution for materials development, process simulation, and printed parts performance. The launch was recognized in the software category for its innovation and market potential.  


Solvay enhanced Digimat composite materials modeling software with a vast array of environmental parameters for plastic parts, leveraging over 10 years of research on Technyl® high-performance materials. Known throughout the industry as MMI® Technyl® Design, this solution is widely considered as the market’s most advanced predictive simulation tool for structural analysis. Recently, the software demonstrated its potential for 3D printed plastics parts, with analysis showing potential weight savings of 30% in Polimotor* plenum, made of Sinterline® Technyl® Polyamide 6 powders.

Solvay and e-Xstream are now taking the solution further by dedicating their expertise to additive manufacturing. “The Digimat solution, combined with the Sinterline® Polyamide 6 offering, opens new technological horizons and takes full advantage of the potential for light-weighting and complex design,” explains Dominique Giannotta, Sinterline® Program Leader at Solvay.

Solvay is proud to be part of this new adventure that will help its customers reduce their time-to-market and increase competitiveness.

*Polimotor is a next-generation, all-plastic engine for competitive racing.

Failure indicator distribution before ultimate plenum failure in MMI Technyl® Design simulation.