Sinterline® Technyl® Powders

Optimal 3-D printing material from the Technyl® Force

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Making the transition from parts design to physical production has always been a challenge in the manufacturing industry. Recent advances in 3-D printing now to stand to change the game significantly by bringing unprecedented prototyping flexibility, speed, and robustness within the easy reach of all.

Sinterline® Technyl® Powders are the first polyamide 6 powder range for selective laser sintering (SLS). This solution yields the mechanical and thermal performance required to make 3-D parts printing a compelling option for prototyping and low to medium volume production. 

Main benefits

• Same robust injected part performance

• Enhances 3-D printing and SLS with strong mechanical and thermal performance

• A high quality solution that is faster and less costly than traditional molds

From CAD to functional testing in record time

 The convenience of 3-D printing is now generally accepted throughout the industry. Sinterline takes the concept even further by enabling manufacturers to provide high enough quality parts to evaluate and test their designs without the costly and time-consuming process of injection molding. 
Sinterline® offers properties similar to serial compound material to achieve performance nearly at injection levels. 
Reinforced Sinterline grades enable functional parts to be created rapidly, integrating more robust mechanical and thermal properties than other available options. This reduces the need for pre-production tooling and helps bring new parts to market faster. 
Sinterline® Technyl® Powders are well-suited for many applications, notably in automotive, appliances, sporting goods, plumbing, transportation, construction, and electrical markets.  

Key features

• Ideal for small-series PA6 applications and prototyping

• Strong thermal, mechanical, and chemical resistance

• Several grades available to match your specifications

• Dimensional stability

• Excellent surface aspect

• Flowability and particle size distribution for efficient sintering

Tailor made support to meet your exact needs

Global customer support services are available for all Technyl® products. Solvay’s technical development and service centers will help you design the exact solution you need to respect your product requirements, cost constraints, and production considerations.