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Technyl® ranges help meet growing demand for downsized engines that continue to offer lightweighting performance and power output. To overcome engine downsizing constraints such as greatly increased temperatures and pressures, Technyl® RED solutions have been developed to resist the higher continuous heat stress of new generation engines. 

Today, more than 15 million engines are already using Technyl® heat performance technologies. The Technyl® RED new generation of products help OEMs to outperform their thermal management systems.

Technyl red Ranges

1-criteria: TS 100MPa 23°C / 2-criteria: TS 100MPa 23°C 
3-criteria: TS=50MPa at ageing T - 4-Burst pressure after welding, Bar

Technyl® REDs, a highly heat stabilized polyamide designed especially for automotive applications

Technyl® REDs is a highly heat stabilized polyamide designed especially for automotive applications operating at a continuous temperature of 200°C such as turbo air ducts, charge-air coolers and cylinder head covers. It provides automotive industry applications with enhanced thermal ageing stability without compromising part performance and cost-efficient processability.

Technyl® REDs allows a continuous operating temperature up to 210°C (at 1,000h) or 200°C (at 2,000 hours). With its new and innovative formulation, Technyl® REDs further improves multiple benefits such as strong impact and resistance to acid condensates, high flowability, superior surface aspect and excellent weldability.

Technyl® REDx, The ‘smart molecule’ technology designed for long-term heat exposure

Technyl® REDx, is a new polyamide 6.6 integrating a unique “smart molecule” technology specially designed for injected parts exposed to continuous heat stress. This technology self-activates from the first hours of services, boosting material performances far beyond their initial properties.

Thanks to its high flowability and low viscosity, Technyl® Red X can be processed at energy-saving mold temperatures below 100°C, allowing simple and cost efficient manufacturing and design freedom due to filling performances. Ageing tests over 3,000 hours at 220°C demonstrate very high retention property as well as tensile property gain of more than 50%, without degradation of elongation at break. 

Technyl® RED, the best solution for parts operating at high temperature

Technyl REDx Applications