30 Apr 2017 / Event

Engineering Plastics Tech Seminar at LG in Korea: A door – knocking success with LG Electronics

On 25th April 2017, Solvay Performance Polyamides team has travelled to LG Electronics PyungTaek Digital Park to have a tech seminar with LG Electronics. The organization of the tech day was a joint effort from Solvay C&E market team, Commercial team, R&I team and CAD team together with the participation of over 50 people from LG Electronics Production Engineering Research Institute.

The prime objective of this tech day was to showcase metal replacement and flame retardant solutions in appliance and smart devices, as well as our comprehensive service offerings with the focus on MMI & Sinterline. 

LG Electronics showed a deep interest in metal replacement for all LG’s products including home appliance and mobile. They were eager to go a step further in collaboration with Solvay Performance Polyamides as a strategic partner giving more values to their products.