13 May 2015

Feiplastic 2015: Rhodia launches innovations in engineering plastics

The new products are aligned with the market demand for high performance plastics, providing unique combinations of properties, chiefly superior heat, chemical and mechanical resistance, being flame proof with excellent surface finishing, allied to better processability. The innovations not only allow product and process engineers to satisfy technical requirements in service, but also provide opportunities to optimize the resistance-weight ratio (replacing metals and other materials), to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, and to be more versatile for product design. 

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São Paulo, May 4, 2015– At Feiplastic 2015, Rhodia, a Solvay Group company, is to present its innovations in polyamide engineering plastics answering the needs of customers and markets in line with industry trends in weight reduction, energy efficiency, higher fluid barriers, the maintenance of long-term high thermal performance, increased design freedom, and competitive costs.

The company’s engineering plastics are sold to three major sectors: the automotive, consumer electronics, and industrial consumer product markets. The company’s extensive product portfolio is led by theTechnyl®range, which offers tailor-made solutions as required and demanded throughout the value chain.The São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil, plant serves Latin America and is also home to the regional center for application research, innovation and development.

“Our commitment as leaders in polyamide 6.6 and 6 engineering plastics is to always provide new solutions that help the expansion of the entire production chain for the sector,” says Marcos Curti, director for the Americas of the Solvay Group’s Engineering Plastics global business unit. “In every market we operate in, there are huge possibilities for our plastics to meet current and future demand in the use of these materials, in vehicles, household appliancesand electronic equipment, as well as in the industrial consumer segment.This is why the Group has invested heavily in developing innovations in technologies, products and polyamide applications,” adds Curti

New products in every market

In the Electrical Equipment segment,one of the highlights from the company at Feiplastic is theTechnyl®Oneline, a new, patented polyamide engineering plastics technology designed especially for applications in electrical protection devices, such as circuit breakers, miniature circuit breakersand high voltage switches, which require exceptional electrical and flammability properties under critical operating conditions, in which traditional polyamide cannot ensure long-term performance at high temperatures.This product is in line with the new demands in the segment, providing the appropriate characteristics for the miniaturization of components and product safety standards, linked to sustainability goals.


Technyl® Oneoffers excellent processing for products with reduced thickness, excellent surface finishes (even for bars reinforced with highfiberglass content), and significantly reduces wear in molds andinjection machines, caused by corrosion, which helps transformers and parts manufacturers to minimize production costs.In addition to thecustomization of the material for the specific requirements of the final product, including color sampling, the company also offers its customers design support and characterization and validation testing.

For the automotive and aerospace industry,the company has developed parts and pieces from the process of selective laser sintering (SLS) with the use of an innovative technology developed by Solvay, based on strengthen Polyamide 6 powder, under theSinterline™brand,for application in parts that require higher thermal and mechanical resistance.With this technology it is possible to 3D print complex prototypes and parts in engineering plastics for different applications and markets, especially engine parts and automotive body and structural components for scooters, bikes and sporting goods. 

 Sinterline™ allows both the production of complex parts in small scales and of functional prototypes to validate new concepts, conferring greater freedom in design, reduced costs and time involved in the process of developing new products or traditional production processes.Pieces developed from this technology have been used in  Solar Impulse,the first aircraft powered exclusively by solar energy that is currently flying around the world.

French company Kleefer recently developed a folding electric scooterfor usein urban areas using this technology from Solvay.Before the laser sintering process, the parts for this scooterwere designed by Solvay’s MMI system for multi-scale modeling and structural analysis.

Technyl® Alloy XT series – Innovation combined with sustainability and competitivenessderived from global technology patented by Solvay Group, the new product line was developed by the R & D team at the São Bernardo do Campo unit, combining the traditional properties of polyamides with chemically reprocessed Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) resin sourced from recycled packaging.

In addition to reducing the impact of disposal in landfills, the technology also optimizes energy and water consumption by industrial processes, aspects that are perfectly aligned with the Group’s environmental responsibility policy. Available with different reinforcement options, the new Technyl® Alloy XT line provides a competitive cost, superior dimensional stability and better surface finishing, combining easy processability with an attractive profile of mechanical and thermal properties.

The unique cost-benefit ratio and sustainability have attracted many customers from the automotive and consumer industrial goods (CIG) areas, which see cost reduction opportunities through the replacement of conventional engineering plastics, as well as the development of joint innovation and sustainability projects.

New developments in theTechnyl® Extenline will also be showcased at Feiplastic 2015, including the new product solution combining requirements for thermal management and fluid resistance.


Service: Feiplastic 2015 – Feira Internacional do Plástico – Pavilhão de Exposições do Anhembi (Av. Olavo Fontoura, 1.209 – Santana – São Paulo (SP)

May 4 to 8 – From 11:00 am to 8:00 pm

Rhodia and Solvay Group stand:  Pavilion A, nº 498


About Solvay

As an international chemical group, Solvay helps industry find and implement increasingly responsible and value-creating solutions. It generates 90% of its turnover in activities where it ranks among the top three global groups. Its products are used in various markets, such as energy and the environment, automotive and aerospace, electrical and electronics, aiming to improve clients’ performance and consumers’ quality of life. The group, headquartered in Brussels, employs about 26000 people in 56 countries and earned € 10,2 billion in 2014. Solvay SA (SOLB.BE) is listed on NYSE, Euronext Brussels, and Paris (Bloomberg: SOLB.BB – Reuters: SOLBt.BR). In Brazil, the group also works with the Rhodia name,whose international activities were acquired in 2011.

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